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Shooting at London Fashion Weekend (2/28/2015) - Brian and Pam were guests of Canon at a catwalk shoot in the pop up tent at Somerset House.  Amazing, thanks Canon.
Wildlife in South Africa (2/2/2015) - Pam and Brian had the most wonderful holiday in South Africa and relished the opportunity to photograph wildlife in its environment. Our wonderful guide Don Botteril uncovered the wonders of the bush for us.
Look who got married! (6/15/2014) - Recently it was our turn to be the proud Mother and Father of the bride!  We had a weekend of joy and laughter as Helen married Ben. Who took the photos? We did of course along with many helping hands.  Thanks y’all!
Spring is Here (3/10/2014) - We have been out and about at a local walled garden using our new macro lens.  We are really impressed with the sharpness of the images.
Look who came to see us! (2/23/2014) - One afternoon we were on the balcony and out of the sky appeared the Red Arrows. It was the most amazing show and made us proud to be British!  The hazy sky was caused by them, that’s why the photo is a bit hard to see!
Extreme Window Cleaning (2/18/2014) - Imagine being a window cleaner for blocks of apartments that are 45 floors high.  Here is the man who came to clean the windows of the apartment we recently stayed in.  Guess the job description included abseiling as well as window cleaning skills!
Looking Down on the World! (1/31/2014) - We recently returned from a holiday in Dubai. Not a place to go for those without a head for heights.  We stayed on the 41st floor!  Our apartment had a great view out over the city and the Arabian Gulf.  A relaxing time was had by all!
A New Generation (1/9/2014) - We have had an exciting addition to the Moore family.  The first baby of a new generation was recently born! Our niece and her husband have a little boy, whom we recently met.  We think he is just gorgeous! You are very welcome Hamish, wee man.
Fast Cars and Dramatic Skies (11/13/2013) - Brian had the pleasure of heading up to the Lake District to take some photos of a Porsche 911 which he really enjoyed.  The scenery was amazing – certainly made a change from flat Lincolnshire.   The Porsche looked wonderful and made a fantastic sound as it ran along the...
Autumn Wedding Sparkle (11/1/2013) - Last weekend we were at a wedding where the light faded early.  We got the bride and groom to add some sparkle of their own!